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Posted on January 27 2017

Each week on the blog, I’ll be interviewing fellow polers so we can join together in highs and the lows of pole dance and fitness! Up next, Texas-based, Ms Alicia Bell! 

How/when did you first hear of Pole Dancing / Pole Fitness and what made you decide to try it for the first time?

I tried pole fitness for the first time a little over 3 years ago. I read in a magazine that it was a great workout. I found a Groupon for a nearby studio and took my leap of faith.

How long have you been a poler?

3 years

Tell us something surprising/fun/unique about yourself:

I'm an elementary math teacher by day and a contemporary pole dancer by night. I have learned that sometimes you have to be just as literal with 30 year olds :)

Describe your first pole class to me:

It was horrible. And it wasn't the studio's fault. I had so many ideas about what a pole dancer was "supposed" to be. I walked in so afraid of what could happen, and I shut myself off. I was super shy, and I definitely didn't try as hard as I should have. My pole instructor (who is the owner of Altitude Fitness in Frisco, Texas) told me to really try it 5-6 times before quitting. She really took interest in me (as she does with all of her students) and made me feel like I could do it. She was the reason I came back again.

If you could go back to your first pole class now and give yourself one piece of advice based on your experience, what would it be?

I would tell myself to try. I was so stuck on thinking I was "too heavy" to be any good at it, so I gave up and shut down half way through the class. My goal now is to really try everything that is thrown in my direction. Even if I can only do the first part, or just the prep for the trick, I have to try and push myself.

What are your must-have items in your pole bag?

I'm really big into Girly Grip and the iTac stick. I also like the dance "paws" (some brands are called foot undies) for my feet. Then of course, knee pads, leg warmers, and a charger for my always dying phone.

What have you learned from pole dancing that you didn't expect you'd learn?

I thought pole dancing would be more of a silly novelty thing I did for a minute or two before stopping. I have learned that my body can accomplish amazing things. I've gained so much confidence from my pole family and the community as a whole. I have also learned to stop apologizing for being a pole dancer, and to stand up for myself and others in the pole community. There are girls who want to be uplifting, and I've learned that I need to be as supportive to new students as my pole family was to me.

Do you have a favorite pole dancer or pole inspiration?

Tricia Lauerman, Tausha Ostrander, Roz the Diva, Rachel Perry, and of course my polemate, Jaime Kate. I have so many, these ladies have literally changed my life

What is your favorite move or combination?

My "signature" move is a hood ornament on spinner. I like trying to figure out different variations to it. 

Do you have a nemesis move at the moment?

I want my handspring so bad!!! I feel like I have been really close, but I want to ensure I do it safely and injury free.

What are your pole Goals for 2017?

A handspring! Actually, I have a lot of pole goals. I really want to clean up my basic inverts and shoulder mounts, as well as my right and left splits. I would like to perform at least 3 times this year. I am also aiming to take 2-3 classes with different apparatuses a month.

Tell me a funny pole story:

Oh god...I was working on my handspring and I had a spotter behind me (Tricia's husband, Kurt, also does pole fitness, and he's my favorite spotter). Anyway, I kick up, Kurt grabs my hips to steady me, and I feel my shoulder starting to slip out of place (this happens more often than I care to experience it). I started bailing from the trick, but Kurt didn't realize I was bailing. My legs ended up around his shoulders, with my crotch right in his face. I.Was.So.Mortified... Super embarrassing. And that's how Kurt and I became really good friends!

Do you do any other type of workouts/activity?

I work out with a personal trainer, mostly training power lifting. I also run on occasion.

What's next for you?

I just started teaching! I have my very own contemporary pole class, and I'm so excited about it. It's interesting to be able to teach my contemporary style, and I really hope my students love it like I do! 


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Alicia!!! ❣

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