Pole Progress Series: Introducing: Kristina @PolePunzel

Kristina @ Polepunzel

Posted on January 10 2017

As a total aerial addict and owner of www.PolePunzel.com, you might be surprised to learn that I’m a relative pole newbie (read my story here!). But here I am: a pole and aerial addict kicking off 2017 with a spin! ;) On the blog, I’ll be interviewing fellow polers – from the pros to those stepping into the studio for the very first time – as I track your pole journeys across the globe! I wanna discover the struggles, join in the joys, and connect the community – one trick at a time. To kick off, let’s start with me.

Polepunzel Pole Progress

How long have you   been poling?

Since August 2016.

When did you first hear of pole fitness?

I stumbled across the tag on Instagram early last year and thought it looked awesome, but it took me many months to build up the courage to sign up for my first class!

Describe your first class to me:

My "You Can Dance, Love Vodka" shirt was inspired by my first class – so that probably tells you everything you need to know! I wrote about my first pole experience in my very first blog…

If you could go back to your first pole class and give yourself one piece of advice that you know now, what would it be?

Buy shorter shorts now, and lots of them! Oh, and always work your "other" side! 

Do you have a favorite pole dancer or pole inspiration?

Sarah Scott was my first famous pole crush! <3 What actually got me to take my first class was finding an Instagram video of my future instructor. I’m so happy I did!

What’s your fave move?

My favorite move so far is called the Dirty Goddess from my Intro trainer. Not sure what the rest of the pole community calls it!?! There seem to be different names for everything. I recently bought The Ultimate Pole Bible to help out with the terminology!

What’s your pole goal for 2017? 

Me and my pole sister are probably going to try nail Superman this year!

Do you do any other type of workouts/activity?

I take a silks class every week to build upper body strength. I've lost 160 pounds before pole, but I always used to dread going to a normal gym. I was never the type of person to say "I can't wait to go back to gym to get some gains!", but with pole, I became completely addicted and now it's "I can't wait to go to my studio to learn new pole tricks!". I visit my studio 4 - 5 times a week and this is my current schedule;

  • Monday - Pole Level 1
  • Tuesday - Spinning Pole
  • Wednesday - Contortion (when I'm not being lazy
  • Thursday - Aerial Silks (I do this mostly to build strength for pole moves
  • Friday - Rest Day
  • Saturday - Intro to Pole

What's next for you?

I’m really hoping to go to Pole Expo in Vegas this year!

Pimp yourself out! Promote your site, Instagram, blog or anything else!

My personal Instagram is @polepunzel - I’ve just started to build up the confidence to post photos and videos to track my progress…but I’m still pretty shy! That’s another Pole Goal for 2017! :) 

PolePunzel Pole Progress 2

Would you like to feature in the #PolePunzel Pole Progress Series? We'd love to chat! Get in touch. xox - Kristina 

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