The Polepunzel Brand Ambassador Program

Kristina @ Polepunzel

Posted on May 29 2017

Polepunzel Brand Ambassador Program

Polepunzel is looking for 2-5 Ambassadors to represent the brand on social media!

  • A Pole Sister who loves the Polepunzel brand and loves being on social media!
  • A Pole Sister who is an aerial athlete (hoop, silks, pole, etc)
  • A Pole Sister who has a great following on social media from other Aerial Athletes!
  • A Pole Sister who has over 1K followers on social media.
  • A Pole Sister who knows that their social media profile should stay positive and wholesome-anyone who represents another company needs to put their best foot forward!
  • Someone who will post online for Polepunzel at least 2 times per month and shout out the accounts.

I will be picking 2-5 Ambassadors and I will them send one free tank of their choice to showcase on their Instagram and other social media and offer a 75% discount on all tank tops on (not to exceed $200 per purchase).  Polepunzel Ambassadors will tag @PolepunzelShop on IG and #polepunzel and/or #polepunzelbox and will put Polepunzel in their profile listing. If the Polepunzel Brand Ambassador is a competitor, the Polepunzel Brand Ambassador will send a Polepunzel Branded Hoodie to represent the brand at the event.

Each Polepunzel Brand Ambassador will receive their own referral link to track purchases. Each purchase made with the referral link will return 5% cash back to the Ambassador.




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